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Yuletide reveal

I didn't have time for Yuletide proper this year, but at the last minute I weakened and succumbed to a prompt for Yuletide Madness. My fic is Photographic Evidence (static pages here if the archive won't load for you), in which Wimsey finds himself in the dock. Finally I have managed to write yer actual slash, though not with yer actual you know in it.

The solicitor was not Murbles, of course, but a younger man recommended by Impey Biggs. Wimsey had initially suspected that it was only the prospect of briefing that most famous silk that had persuaded the man to take on such a hopeless case. It had been a brief moment of respite to discover that someone had still wanted to work with him, though the case was dull enough, in its way.

‘It would help,’ said Murgatroyd carefully, 'if you would name the other man in the photographs. It might weigh heavily with the judge.’

‘Sorry, old chap, but it simply wouldn't do.’

Murgatroyd nodded. ‘I thought not. Let’s hope that weighs, too.’

I have had very little time for Yuletide reading myself as yet, and have technical difficulties at present re. commenting, but look forward to its cheering the dark days of January.
Tags: wimseyfic, yuletide challenge
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