nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Random fic musings

Fanfiction doesn’t have to be practice for ‘professional’ writing in order to be of worth. On the other hand, thinking of it as such can help justify having spent the evening writing 1200 words of Hilary/Bunter when you really ought to be doing something else.

It is not in fact easier to write badfic, or even spoof-fic, than it is to try to produce something good. It is easier to write short excerpts of almost anything. No doubt if I tried to sustain badfic over a thousand words that would present its own challenges. Fantasy!Bunter is at least proving not too grim so far. Mind you, he still has most of his clothes on.

I have not been managing to write the Wimsey/Potterverse crossover, but I have at least been thinking about it and it is developing reasonably well. I now have the “they meet at a party” scene so beloved of Potterfic (not least me. The percentage of my Potterfic involving parties is embarrassingly high), and a bit of jokey RPF has turned into plot. It is always pleasing when a random idea becomes thematic. I still need to work on the purpose of the Corsican bandits, though.
Tags: fandom, potterfic, wimseyfic
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