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Mixed bag

Attenbury Emeralds is actually slightly better the second time round, because the hopelessly muddled plot is easier to follow. Some random irritations re. the mystery plot:

Why doesn’t Jeanette mention that Mrs DuBerris is in the room when the children are playing with the jewels? I can just about understand her wanting to shield the little girls (though when she is facing the loss of income and liberty, this seems slightly excessive devotion), but when this has come out it seems implausible that she doesn’t mention another adult was there. Even given that Peter’s all about the ‘how’ this doesn’t make sense, unless – as it isn’t – it is being used as an example of why ‘who’ doesn’t work if you’re not including the murderer in your list of whos. On the other hand, perhaps it is a subtle comment on the apparent police failure in Strong Poison to enquire as to the whereabouts of Philip Boyes during a large portion of the time in which the poison might have been administered.

We’re never told why Captain Rannerson was murdered. Presumably this was not to take the emerald from him, but to make sure it was returned to the Attenburys.

How, exactly, do you engineer a woman’s death by causing her to walk over a broken manhole cover in the dark? “Left a bit, right a bit, OK, keep moving forward.” And why would an Anglo-Indian expert on developing economies read Persian anyway? I don’t expect a lecturer in French to be able to read Hungarian on the grounds that they are on the same continent. On the same front, if Ada is a lifelong friend of the Attenbury family, why does neither Diana nor Verity recognise her at the ball?

And, crucially, given than emeralds are apparently inspected and every single flaw recorded, why does no-one effing record the giant inscription on the back!. Or indeed photograph it?

On another note entirely, the FIS Nordic ski world champions will be held at the end of February/start of March this year, sadly just before I go to Norway. The website states:

Outdoor Recreation Act (Friluftsloven) applies
There is no charge to camp at Frognerseteren and elsewhere in the forest during the WSC. The Nordmarka is a public area and is therefore regulated by the Outdoor Recreation Act. The public should still follow the instructions given to preserve the tracks and ensure the smooth flow of crowds in the area. In accordance with the Act, the general liability rules will apply for damage and inconvenience and the right to remove persons will be exercised in the event of improper behaviour. The forest must be restored to its original condition at the end of the WSC. We must take good care of nature and the environment around us.

My favourite part is the tip:

All types of tents ("lavvo", lean-to, igloo, etc.) are permitted but the forest must be preserved and restored to its original condition afterwards.

They actually expect people to build igloos? Really?
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