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But fortunately, they are on the radio. I can only refer Shane Watson to Murder Must Advertise:

“It certainly had a break on it,” admitted Mr. Hankin, “but it would have gone wide nevertheless. I don't think anybody can accuse me of being unsporting, and if I had been leg before, I should be the first to admit it. Did you see it, Mr. Brotherhood?”

“Oh, I saw it all right,” said the old gentleman, with a chuckle.

“I put it to you,” said Mr. Hankin, “whether I was l.b.w. or not.”

“Of course not,” said Mr. Brotherhood. “Nobody ever is. I have attended cricket matches now for sixty years, for sixty years, my dear sir, and that goes back to a time before you were born or thought of, and I've never yet known anybody to be really out l.b.w. – according to himself, that is.” He chuckled again. “I remember in 1892....”


I see that Stuart Broad is attempting a beard/stubble, presumably in an attempt to hand over the "cricketer who looks most like a fictional schoolboy" award to Joe Root.