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04 December 2013 @ 04:06 pm
Not quite sure how that happened. 12 ½ working days until Christmas – great, except that I have quite a lot of Christmas shopping yet to do... As ever at this time of term I am extremely tired, but I haven’t got anything on this coming weekend (other than making my sister’s Christmas present, quite a lot of housework, writing, at some point I must look at my CV, really need to start running again* etc.) and planning to keep it that way

[community profile] picowrimo is over for another year. I had my best pico ever, with a word count of 11,300 and a lot of advancing of the plot. I haven’t any since Friday, because I’ve been utterly exhausted, but I’m aiming for another 3000 words before Christmas. At this rate, I may actually finish the story this winter. It is, alas, utterly ridiculous, and from time to time I wish that my longest Wimseyfic by far were not mpreg crossover crack, but unfortunately removing the mpreg aspect is not possible for artistic reasons. I know that sounds about as convincing as the excuses for nude scene in films, but it’s true! Not least because it would leave me with a big plothole concerning the reason for Wimsey’s presence in the locality when the murder is committed.

AKICOLJ/DW Does anyone have a good recipe for Lebkuchen? Having tasted the real thing courtesy of my September Austrian holiday (it lasted about 48 hours after I was home), the supermarket stuff just doesn’t cut it.

The Men’s Room, 90s TV series with Bill Nighy and Harriet Walter, has been released on DVD and I have treated myself to it. I was delighted to learn from the back of the box that the characters are sociologists (must ask my father if he’s seen it, and if not lend), but I had got the impression that it was a comedy with some black jokes and quite a lot of sex. I am a bit more concerned to learn that it’s a “hard-hitting serial, set during the Thatcher years.” I was hoping for a bigger emphasis on light-hearted fun.

*I say “again”, really I mean at all. I did go in September, but then I pulled a muscle, long since recovered from so no proper excuse.