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When I grow up and own my own house and don't have to spend nearly all weekend preparing for the four-monthly inspection*, I shall have more time for writing. But what on earth is then going to motivate me to put away all my Christmas trip packing so there is floor space in the spare bedroom***, or sort out the coats in the porch, or throw that random shoebox in the bin?

Things done: house (except bathroom and kitchen floor, to be done Wednesday night), food shopping.

Things undone: CV updated (a task that's been waiting a good year), fic written, Christmas diary finished, amaryllis planted, financial papers sorted, mending, exercise had, new landline phone set up, emails sent, ironing etc. etc.

Also, where on EARTH am I going to put my stuff if my parents move this year? I will have to hope that they buy a house with a large boarded loft.

But at least it was all mostly indoors and in the warmth and I was lavish with the central heating, and my cold is receding if catarrh-y. I have absolutely got to pick up the fic again this week, or I'm going to start to forget things. Resolution set!

*The place is always reasonably clean and tolerably tidy**, but only an idiot would not be cynical about letting agents, and when I leave want to be able to say "You have inspected the place regularly and never found a fault with the way I kept it - return all of that deposit or I'll see you in court."

**For a value of tidy that includes there being paper on every flat surface, and things in the nearest drawer at the time.

***I have never managed to travel light.