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16 January 2014 @ 04:09 pm
Having read Raising Steam over new year (and needing to read it again, as I was not exactly on form for concentration), I have since been re-reading every bit of Discworld with mention of Lady Margolotta*. I appreciate that Margolotta is one of those characters who works most effectively when kept off-stage, but I can’t help wishing that weren’t the case. Though having said that I also like the continuing ambiguity of the contemporary, and indeed past, relationship between her and Vetinari – it fits nicely with my enjoyment of maintaining multiple interpretations at once.

Anyway, I felt obliged to compensate a bit, so here follows shortish Vetinari...Margolotta fic. It’s under a cut as there is technically a spoiler for Raising Steam, but it’s really only a spoiler for the basic concept of most of the novel.

*And feeling once again that Unseen Academicals is seriously under-appreciated on LJ. The fact that it is culturally specific for things that LJ isn’t big on doesn’t help – if a person doesn’t recognise (or think to Google when it is the only type on a page) “They think it’s all over”, they are probably not very well equipped to get much of the nuance out of the story. I am similarly under-appreciative of Soul Music, because I am not well informed about Music with Rocks in.

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