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26 January 2014 @ 04:50 pm
I have defeated the bleeding jeans*! After scrubbing them, and multiple washings, yesterday and today I have attempted wearing them again and I am not blue! Also not blue are my jumpers and anything I have sat on during the weekend. I might not trust them against cream leather car seats (not that I have those, though my grandfather's car did back in the day, and I thought they were terribly swish), but otherwise they are wearable and my money isn't wasted. Hurray!

Also achieved, a go on the commando slide in the local park where I went for a late afternoon stroll (if it isn't cloudy, it is now light at 4:30pm. Things can only get better). I have been meaning to do this since it was built, but haven't managed to be there when there were no children. Today I passed it and the area was empty so I seized the day. I had to sit on it, because standing up would have probably bashed my head against the support**, but I finally had a go (several times). Hurray again!

*As Peter Wimsey put it, that's not swearin', that's an adjective of quality. I'm as sincere as he was.

**It is in one of the children's playground bits of the park.