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I may be the equivalent of a Manchester United fan living in Buenos Aires*, but that was an AWESOME result for Norway in the women's 30km cross-country race in Sochi today, taking first, second, and third place. Marit Bjørgen won in 1 hr, 11 min, and 5 seconds, taking her to ten olympic medals, six of them gold. I shall be attempting to cover the same distance on holiday in about 6 hours. It would help if I started doing some training. Silver went to Therese Johaug, bronze to Kristin Størmer Steira to break her four fourth places in individual olympic races (she has a relay gold).

Right, now to dash to the supermarket before the slalom starts.

*Although in my defence, in most races there is no British racer for me to support, and it makes it more interesting to follow someone. She says, defensively.