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Oh Steve Martin, for the existence of Roxanne you have not lived in vain. If you’ve not seen it, what have you been doing instead?

But I digress. I had a major work deadline on Valentine’s Day. At least, I didn’t have it – lots of other people had it and I have spent most of the past fortnight dealing with the next step. Only it is not a step, it is a series of giant staircases built by a race of giants from days of old, and every time I think that I am nearly at the top, another vista of steps turns out to be towering above me.

I knew it was going to be bad. I just didn’t expect it to be literally* twice as bad as last time. I’ve hived off one grim bit of it, but the other grim bit has been brought forward and compressed and had a new grim bit added. So tomorrow I get to spend the entire morning interviewing people**, except for turning up early to try and get some more of my papers finished, and then in the afternoon I HAVE to finish this, and then I have to do the other papers. It will be over soon. Or at least, in a fortnight so I get to hand over stage 2 for two months before getting stage 3 back. At least between now and then I get to go skiing, and I shall need it, as the next fortnight will not be full of joys unbounded.

On the plus side, the end of the Winter Olympics (how can there be a plus side to that, you cry. Or not) means that I have free evenings again, and – possibly in hysterical reaction to the working day – am choosing to spend even more time at the computer and doing some writing. I may have just used the word “ejaculated” to describe speech (or indeed anything else) for the first time ever. Also “Switzer”. In the meantime, World will you not bring me other people's Wimseyfic?

*I do mean literally literally here. There are measurements.

**Why did I say yes to this? Why?