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03 May 2014 @ 08:31 pm
Having been out this afternoon, my intention was to mow the lawn when I got home at abut 7pm, the lawn comprising a postage stamp in front of the house, and the much larger chunk of the communal bit of lawn that falls to my lot (the council do the bit round the side, thoughtfully marking the odd fritillary and leaving them alone). Only when I got in I found my neighbour outside my house, mowing my last bit of lawn. Which was very nice of him, only he did it last time as well (when I at least had the excuse of illness) and now I feel in lawn debt. I'm not really, because I did it at the end of last summer when he'd just moved in and didn't have a lawn mower, but I didn't do four communal bits along the front, which he did. I had even bought an extension lead to make it more practical.

I will do it next time, but as I am away in a fortnight, it will have to be the Thursday night. I only hope it doesn't rain. On the plus side, and it is a very big plus side, I didn't have to mow the lawn.

I got canvassed by the Tories this morning, and was actually able to come up with a local reason I wouldn't vote for them that tied into national ones - their evident intention to torpedo a housing development, dressed up as concern about (entirely solvable) traffic issues. As I pointed out when they tried to claim that they were pro but just concerned about certain things, I was entirely happy for the implications to be gone into thoroughly, but I would be more convinced they weren't trying to stop if it their leaflets ever said anything about being pro- and working to get it all sorted asap. Also, their European leaflet elides the EU and the ECHR.