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04 October 2014 @ 10:59 am
I watched Star Trek: Into Darkness yesterday, and was unimpressed. Admittedly it is a long time since I saw Wrath of Khan, but I’m fairly sure that half of the film wasn’t spent in characters punching one another to ‘pow’ sounds. The upshot of this Punching Without Plot is that what could be an exciting narrative isn’t. The pacing is weird because every time something happens we have to pause for people to punch each other. There hasn’t been sufficient investment in the Kirk/Spock relationship as more than ‘antagonistic space buddies’ to give the death scene the emotional wallop it ought to have, so it has to have a lot more dialogue to spell things out – while saying less. Not to mention that instead of being the climax of the film, it gets less screen time than the next episode of punching.*

I also kept getting jolted out of the action by the difference in physical appearance between the other male members of the cast and Simon Pegg as Scotty, whose general lack of glossiness makes him look as if he is the member of a different species compared to the smoothed/fake-tanned/shiny rest of them. You can see that his skin is skin! It’s strange.

It's not a terrible film. I was in the mood for some undemanding entertainment and got it, it's just that it could have been much better undemanding entertainment. The acting is generally OK. Benedict Cumberbatch made as much of Khan as there was to be made. The underwear torpedo scene is even more egregrious than I had gathered from fandom. I think I'm going to add the old II, III, IV, and VI films to my LoveFilm list.

*I didn’t count. It may just be that the punching seemed to pass slowly.

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