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10 November 2014 @ 05:04 pm
I am feeling rather tired after the late nights involved in Thursday theatre, Friday evening to Edinburgh, Sunday evening back*. However it was worth it, and I had a lovely weekend seeing new nephew, older nephew, and new flat. I particularly envious of the flat, which is lovely and modern (well, 40 years old) with giant windows, great view, garden, walking distance of both sisters, the city centre**, Waitrose andMorrisons, the sea front, and 10 minutes from the botanic gardens. I spent a certain amount of time imagining how many bookshelves it would be possible to fit in it. Answer: lots. Still not sure that this is enough compensation for the climate, though.

It is November, and [community profile] picowrimo time. Tonight I shall be catching up on Doctor Who so that I can stop avoiding the internet, and going to bed early, but tomorrow I shall damn well be picking up some WIPs.

*Via Heathrow. I am no fan of airport departure lounges, but compared to a 6 hour after-work journey on a Friday night on the train to which they are the alternative they are as paradise. And usually a good deal cheaper (if not on this occasion as I booked late, hence Heathrow rather than from Birmingham).

**Though you would probably want a bus back from John Lewis.

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