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15 November 2014 @ 10:59 am
I am indescribably glad that it is the weekend. Not because I have had a bad week, as work as been fine, indeed really quite interesting at times even if I spent yesterday and much of Thursday doing none of the stuff I planned in favour of urgent stuff that had become urgent due to other people’s crises. But it is a long time since September and four five* weeks until the Christmas holiday, and I’ve had a busy couple of weekends. So all in all I would very much rather that this weekend’s trip to Cambridge were in fact in a week’s time and that I could spend today pottering around and doing some writing and tomorrow attempting to shift some of the boxes of Stuff from my bedroom. But it is today, so I am going to get up, tidy up, and head off late morning via Ikea. I like Ikea, even on Saturdays. I am going to look at their Christmas decorations and food, and not buy anything in the market hall that are not on the list. It will be fun in Cambridge when I get there, as I am going to a party tonight and seeing other friends tomorrow. There is a promise of cocktails.

*I have just realised that I’ve been miscounting this for the past week. This is not encouraging. I have just counted up and it is ten weeks since I was last on holiday (so the fact that my broken toe has nearly completely healed is about bloody time, not good progress), and five to go. I am definitely going to book a day off for a three-day weekend at home.

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