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13 April 2015 @ 09:59 pm
The world's best cross-country skier, Marit Bjørgen, has spared us* from the agony of waiting any longer, and announced that she is going to continue for at least another year. Huge cheers all round. Except possibly from Sweden.

Ed. Apparently DW (and now LJ as well) hates that photo. Photo on LJ, have a video here instead:

*OK, in this venue, me. But also the population of Norway. Someone's even recorded a song on the subject.

**As opposed to retiring in order to have children. This is the bugger of being a woman in a sport in which people perform well in their 30s. You have to choose, year by year, one or the other, because realistically it isn't possible to step out of the highest level and come back.

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