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23 May 2015 @ 08:31 am
Possibly in an act of sub-conscious sabotage, my need for new glasses, which was hitherto merely a matter of aesthetic preference and minor toddler damage, combined with thinking that it would be a good idea to have a spare care in the car when I went on holiday/to an airport in it* has become more urgent thanks to a scratch across the lens. A scratch that is not visible when distance-viewing, so the car spare stands, but is prone to be suddenly distracting when watching TV, which is the thing other than driving that I mostly use my glasses for.

So I have justified spending needs! The only issue is finding the new glasses. At the moment, the front-runner is a pair in Boots housed in the men's section, on account of how all the women's rimless ones defy the point of rimlessness, which is not to be very visible on the face, and are both sparkly and massively broader than my head, whereas this pair are discreet and for narrow heads. It is Boots because, much as I should like to give my custom to an independent optician, I feel that £200 - £300 for frames, and then £100 - £200 for lenses on top of that is taking the piss. I do not need lenses that could be used in outer space or to film wildlife documentaries or whatever the ridiculous justification is. I have a boring prescription for which boring lenses will do just fine. So while Boots will still charge a ridiculous mark-up, and I can't just buy the same thing online because I need the frame fitting, they are nonetheless better than that otherwise lovely pair in Kidlington, because they do not cost £400.

Not ranting: I like the new computer. It does not randomly freeze in the middle of things.

*Hmm. Taken together those are really quite decent reasons.

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23 May 2015 @ 01:14 pm
Further to my last, I have just tried on the most amazing pair of glasses in the entire world. They are so light they seem to float on the face as if they are made of anti-gravity material. The price is probably ones soul.

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