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At least for a couple of weeks until we see how things turn out. It doesn't seem quite the ideal moment to be putting down a non-refundable sum of money. Of course, it doesn't help that I'm feeling that if I truly wanted to understand the current Greece/EU/Euro/IMF crisis, I'd have started reading in detail five years ago. Should we end up with Grexit, I think it will be Greece next year, and this year somewhere else European. Truly, fretting about whether one's unbooked foreign holiday will be derailed by a financial crisis that will affect millions of people in painful ways regardless of how it ends is the definition of solipsistic trivia. But it doesn't stop me.

The GP has decided that the mystery lurgy is probably a dose of flu, subject to test to rule out not-flu. I feel this shows how rubbish the spring has been. The seasonal disorder for June is supposed to be hay fever, which I don't have.

[community profile] picowrimo has managed to get me writing again. So far, I have managed to be diverted by researching 1930s gearboxes and girdles*. Not in the same scene.

I have managed to wear a summer frock for two days running (not the same frock). It will no doubt rain tomorrow.

*Specific information on UK underwear of the interwar period is surprisingly hard to come by, and not helped by being class and age specific.

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