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15 November 2015 @ 07:24 pm
* It is half-way through November! This means that I need to come up with a Christmas-and-birthday list for the family pronto (it is mostly written), and also that it is halfway through [community profile] picowrimo. Results so far: finished and posted My True Love Has My Heart (AKA the bodyswap fic), and 3100 words on the eternal WIP. The latter was actually done in 4 days, but this proved unsustainable, and indeed contributed to the lack today because I ended up doing paid work on account of my failure to do what I had meant to when working from home on Friday on account of severe knackeredness. Moderation in all things, even Wimseyfic...

But I am determined to push on with the Potterverse crossover Wimseyfic come what may, and not let it drop. It cannot by allowed to slip again and for me to realise, as this time, that eleven months have passed without my really doing anything on it. Not least because I want to do some actually original work.

* For high quality entertainment I recommend informing a friend who enjoys the Vorkosigan books of the plot summary of Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen. The facial expression and bemused murmurings of "No? No!" of a friend endeavouring to process yesterday, over afternoon tea, that I was not having her on, will stay with me for some time. As she left determined to write a fic that I liked the sound of a lot, I can even say that something positive came out of it for her as well.

* I found myself walking past, and then going into, this exhibition yesterday, containing a - but not the - Damien Hirst pickled shark. Verdict, interesting but not inspiring, with the Bacon and Couret by far the best.

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