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19 December 2015 @ 09:16 am
Work is over for the year, and now all I have to do is some laundry, ironing, paint my nails, pack, wrap presents, alter two pairs of trousers, get to the station, catch the train, write fic on the train, hand over presents for sister's family, meet sister for lunch, wrap the rest of the presents, ice the Christmas cake, do any late supermarket shopping, catch up with The Bridge, and then I can relax.

OK, I might be spending two hours this morning watching skiing, but I shall be ironing/sewing/writing Christmas cards at the same time. Oh, life is hard, weep for me, I have a whole two weeks off work and will be spending most of it in a home containing both my family and a dishwasher. The only real negative is that I have been on a bit of a WIP-writing role, and that will stop completely, because it always does. I might manage something short and separate, though. I shall try.

Anyway, in honour of heading for the relatives in the decidedly non-frozen north on Monday, I bring you Robert Benchley's "A Good Old-fashioned Christmas", a reminder to those of us who don't get to spend this time of year at a marvelous old-fashioned farmhouse somewhere in Vermont that we are not actually missing out. My copy has illustrations in it, but there wasn't a convenient source for them on the internet, and the office has a new photocopier that I have yet to learn to use properly so I couldn't scan it.

Thus without further ado, and courtesyof the people at Canadian Gutenberg, whose attitude to copyright seems rather more relaxed than ordinary Gutenberg:

A Good Old-fashioned ChristmasCollapse )

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