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20 December 2015 @ 09:37 am
The UK has a podium place in a World Cup cross-country ski race! A third for Andrew Young in the sprint. This is the best result by a British Nordic skier ever*, and absolutely fantastic. It was in a field containing all the top racers, at a point of the year on which they are on good form, won by the on-form Italian Pellegrino, so it's a major race to have done well in. Seldom have I shouted so hard from the sofa as I did yesterday lunchtime. Young is the bloke in the white-ish suit with a union jack on the right leg, wearing number 3.

The total absence of snow surrounding the arena is a less cheery sight. The UK is not the only place having a ridiculously warm autumn.

*In a stand-alone race. Andrew Musgrave had the fastest time in a stage race last year, but as it was a stage it isn't officially counted as a victory. Of course, I count it as a victory.

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