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30 January 2016 @ 03:20 pm
You know how it goes. You gaze into the abyss and the abyss gazes back and asks you for a date. Before you know it you're married with two kids and it's claiming to be working late at the office again, and not one of its tentacles has ever done the washing up.


It has been a long week and I am feeling absolutely shattered, a combination I think of stress and a slight bug. Lunchtime's planned walk post-supermarket and collecting shoes from the cobbler* was cancelled when I got outside and discovered that the bright sunshine was accompanied by a cold wind and the walk across the car park was quite enough. Oh well, it looks nice. I have discovered that Ralph Fiennes is in The Master Builder at the Old Vic. I think that profitable use of the afternoon may yet be found in booking tickets.

*Nothing improves a day like the realisation that the reason your foot feels a bit damp and cold is that your sole has a hole in it.

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