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04 March 2016 @ 06:47 pm
And I feel knackered. A trip yesterday evening to London to meet friends didn't help, but since they were down from Durham it was not like an alternative date was an option. However it would help if I weren't going to London again tomorrow. Ah well, at least that is a daytime excursion and reading on the train is relaxing in its own way, albeit the underground isn't. I stopped at M&S on the way home and purchased chocolate and pizza. I already had wine and rocket salad in the fridge. I need a haircut, but am reluctant to get one before I go on holiday because I don't want my head to get cold. I have at least an excuse to collapse in the evenings, as the final tour of the cross-country skiing season is taking place in Canada at the perfect time to watch on the sofa.

Speaking of cold things, have wild boar demonstrating their inability to walk on ice. I feel that its expression at 9 seconds says it all.

Vildsvinscurling / Wild boar curling from Djake on Vimeo.

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