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11 March 2016 @ 01:31 pm
I went to bed. I got up early. I got to work a early (for me). I wrote my paper. Then there was Friday cake. I can’t imagine that I’m going to get anything productive done with the rest of the day, but fortunately I have meetings to attend so I probably won’t have to. It is sunny outside and I am going to go for a walk. I think that I might also buy a Euromillions ticket...

Meanwhile, ahead of my holiday a week on Sunday, Norway not only has nice weather, but is apparently having a price war on traditional Easter products such as hotdogs, Norwegian KitKats*, and oranges**, those essential components of a day tour on the fells.

*Kvikk Lunsj, as explained here. They are indeed very nice, and I assume that the slightly higher salt content actually makes them better for you if you're eating them on an active trip.

**The skins of which are, in one area, ritually discarded on the branches of a particular tree to the extent that it is called Appelsintreet on the Ordnance Survey (equivalent) map. Littering as culture!

ETA: At 3:20pm on Friday afternoon I have received a meeting from someone I am meeting at 4pm on Monday, and who I managed to fit in as my fourth meeting of the day, mentioning briefly what we are actually going to be talking about and saying cheerily that hopefully I will be able to reflect on these subjects in advance of the meeting. Well no, I won't. I will print off the generic document we have, and I will answer everything else off the top of my head, because I am sure as hell not spending the weekend on it.

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