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To be precise, in Helsinki. If I were the sort of person who obsesses about things in an organised way, I would be spending a long weekend in Helsinki this spring in order to see German vampires in Finnish, and the Finnish National Opera's original production of The Phantom of the Opera.

I was thinking en route to Cotswold Outdoors this morning* while listening to the music of Love Never Dies and trying not to listen to the words**, that it's good thing that I had no internet access in my teenage years or I would have embarrassing teenage PotO fic hanging round me neck, but then I remembered that I did in fact write a piece of PotO fic. In French. In graphic novel form. I've probably still got it somewhere. I was rather proud of it and showed my French teacher, who photocopied it for the class (good) and pointed out that French doesn't use 's for the possessive (less good).

Anyway, for those who wonder what Phantom looks like when not produced by Cameron Mackintosh, here it is. I can't help feeling that the Phantom looks rather like Bryn Terfel as a lank-haired Scarpia.

Of course, the best Finnish version of PotO remains Nightwish...

Not taking up a last-minute Nightwish concert opportunity because I had a cold remains one of the less-good decisions of my life, in that they broke up shortly afterwards.

*Socks, sock liners, and an impulse-purchase laundry bag. Yes, I could make some, but I haven't done so far...

** I have mentioned their direness before, but really they are so, so bad. There is some terrific music, but the book does a "Ron the Death Eater" on Raoul, and the lyrics are unspeakable. Beneath a Moonless Sky is so bad that you'd probably do better to pick a PotO fic at random off FFN and set it to music. I think the only way I could face seeing it live would be in Japanese and prepared to close my eyes when necessary.

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