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28 March 2016 @ 03:21 pm
I am back from my holiday. It was good. It was very relaxing in that for a week I was too busy or tired to think about anything at home or work, and it was exhausting in that for a week I was too busy or tired to think about anything other than what I was doing. My internal monologue for the skiing part can be basically summed up as follows:

balance balance OK balance left right left right glide glide hill ankles edge edge edge edge edge flex fuck edge OK relax ankles weight weight ankles knees weight weight weight weight slip pole edge down down down knees in IN IN IN shoulders that way lichen poles ooh footprints argh CONCENTRATE turn glide turn turn turn ice turn edge edge weight! edge edgeedgeedgeedgeedgeglide pole glide glide etc etc.

And so on, with occasional singing. 'The Hills Are Alive' is excellent for navigating those downhills that are within ones capacity and will actually go better for relaxing. The beginning of Chesterton's 'Lepanto' can provide momentum up the steeper bits. I have eaten my bodyweight in food, don't need to see porridge for another year, enjoyed the sauna, and, inevitably, had a cold for the second half of the week. I managed relatively little reading, slept well when I wasn't blowing my nose and once I had remembered to turn the radiator not down, but off, spent a week away from the internet, and have started, but not completed, unpacking.

I had a great time.

Under the cut, a picture of some mountains. The orangey line is my route from right to left (up - down was more or less the same, but a bit higher and going over the col before the right-most pimple). Read more...Collapse )