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25 January 2018 @ 06:36 pm
Anticipating a busy week, and having discovered that the Odeon is £6 Mon - Thursday, I decided that I would pretend to be doing something while actually just sitting in a comfy seat and bought myself a ticket to the final showing of The Last Jedi. This turned out to be a particularly good idea as I came down with a slight cold, and anticipating that I would have to leave in good time and could then relax kept me going through a frustrating afternoon yesterday. I had seen it a couple of weeks ago, but a second viewing turned out to be a very good idea. The things that had annoyed me a bit were less annoying when I knew they would come to an end, and the things I had enjoyed I really enjoyed. Though it still had obvious weaknesses in construction, and like a lot of films would have benefited from being half an hour shorter, I ended up liking it more on a technical level, too.