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21 May 2018 @ 07:44 pm
My father: I did a bit of yoga when I was a student.

My brain: *screeches to a halt*

I suppose that life is a long process of people saying the unexpected. Except for Theresa May, who never does.

I had an excellent weekend with Dad, which involved more walking than I've done of late*, some very amateur bird watching, the forcible extraction of an oversized formium from the garden, a new series of Montalbano, a new episode of The Bridge**, and vast numbers of red kites. I was amused that Watlington Parish Council's noticeboard had to have a notice about not feeding the kites because people had been doing it too much and it was causing problems. You didn't get that problem in Leeds.

*Thanks to [Unknown LJ tag] for the rec (AA walks 33 and 34).

**We were too tired for A Very English Scandal, I shall have to catch up. But we agreed that Hugh Grant looks born to play Jeremy Thorpe.
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