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09 November 2018 @ 06:46 pm
I spent today working from home. This was partly because I was expecting a delivery, which considerately arrived in time to allow me to go for a walk at lunchtime. It was also because I needed to start work on a report. I worked all day, but I did not start the report. This is partly my fault - I should have accepted that one thing I wanted to do quickly could wait until Monday - but also the fault that some things can't wait and there is just no bloody time. Oh well, the key thing was done, and I shall just have to rejig the start of next week. It is now the weekend, and after attempting to get to bed earlier tonight (expected result: failure), I am off to Nottingham tomorrow night to see Opera North's The Merry Widow. Cheerful operetta is what I need - I might rather have seen their Tosca, which has had stonking reviews, but it was not on a convenient date.

Anyway, in the absence of a brain for more interesting content, I invite you to gaze at the Strid and Strid Wood - from a safe distance, obviously.*

Now, does anyone know how I can correct the over-exposure of the sky with zero photo editing skills?

The Strid in autumn

*There are some brilliant batshit "most dangerous river** in the world" pieces on the Strid on the internet. People have drowned in it, you couldn't pay me enough to try to jump it, and falling in will indeed almost certainly kill you, but not falling in is extremely easy, by dint of the method of staying a couple of feet back from the edge in accordance with the big signs. In recent years there have been more deaths in the Wharfe in the parts that people swim in voluntarily - it's quite cold, there are slippery rocks, can be quite strong currents and with a lot of visitors, some are careless or have accidents.

**Which is also incorrect, because the river is the Wharfe.

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