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06 December 2018 @ 09:23 pm
* I have voted. Council by-election, and surprising amounts of leaflets. I would probably have forgotten, but I put it in my work diary to remind me and lunchtime and when it did I wrote it on my hand. I can safely say that I favour voting in May over early December, especially as I always go after work rather than before.

* I have got a bug. Well, I'd had a lurking one for a while, but it hadn't turned into anything much and I was actually feeling pretty energetic, and then dizziness hit. I don't think it's anything much, really, just being tired, but I've arranged to work from home tomorrow and will plough through some easier stuff that has sat on the back-burner and be able to give my eyes lots of rest. This is all particularly annoying not only because it is my birthday at the weekend, but because I had actually thought that I was kicking the skulker. I would say "better now than at Christmas", but it will probably be at Christmas as well. *sulks*

* Considerable consolation on the working at home front (when I was supposed to be bringing cake in, too!) is that the Eurosport app now works on the Amazon Firestick. All the winter sport I desire can be mine, with no need to plug the computer into the TV. Perhaps my fic productivity may increase!

* I am still reading 400 pages about Luther. It's really good, and really very readable, but this was the wrong time of year. I managed not to do the Reformation at all at school, and I know very little about the Holy Roman Empire either. I blame the lack of cartoon series starring dogs.

* Two weeks of work left until Christmas! On the downside that means that I have the Christmas shopping to do, but still. Two weeks left and then two weeks off, and a fortnight in which most other people are off too and won't be sending me loads of emails. I'm going to re-read The Lord of the Rings, it's been years.

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