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Having angested last month as to what to do for a summer holiday this year pending possible (further) crash in the pound due to Brexit, I ended up (1) deciding that yes, I really do want to do a trip to the Canadian Rockies or Yellowstone, and (2) commitments I already have for this summer mean that it won't be this year. Such things need to be the main event around which a summer is built, not squashed in between a long weekend in the Yorkshire Dales, Norwich, and Götterdämmerung at the Edinburgh Festival.

So therefore I decided that what I wanted from a summer holiday this year was a fighting chance of good weather, time outdoors, and for it to be easy to sort out*, and thus as well as buying the Rough Guide to Banff, Jasper, and Glacier National Parks, I decided that I would actually go back to where I went two years ago - hiking in St Anton am Arlberg, and indeed to the same hotel. Because while it is reassuring to know that a comfy bed, pleasant staff, reasonable travel logistics, and delicious food all await, this leaves my brain to concentrate on the thing that won't be repeated - some amazing hiking.**

Which is why two months in advance I have spent much of today and some time yesterday not doing the things I ought, but salivating over maps and trails and people's photos and write-ups, because everything is on the internet. I had, alas, concluded that the 2km path that takes 4 hours probably involves a bit more rock climbing than I am equipped for, but no fear! Someone has done an alternative route and written a detailed review of both it and the next bit of the long distance path that I did in 2017 and can judge his comments on, and thus I already know that - weather permitting, because unlike him I won't be doing it if it snows - I should be fine. Scree and precipitous paths thereon shall yet be mine!

The only thing it lacks is vampires, but you can't have everything. Though maybe I could be inspired to write more hiking vampires/. And in the meantime, the sitcom of What We Do in the Shadows starts tonight. Plus doing some training, because my fitness is really not what it ought to be for what I shall want to do.

*Something that would be likelier if I had a different personality.
**Plus the Aqua Dome thermal baths at Längenfeld, which I didn't manage last time. I do love giant thermal spas.

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