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03 June 2019 @ 10:53 am
I had a lovely weekend with Dad, in which I managed to squeeze in 3 episodes of Good Omens by watching them at 6:30am in the morning on successive days, and now I have three left to go tonight. I am mostly avoiding adaptation spoilers so far, but I’ve seen a few and my resistance is growing weaker. Fortunately I don’t have to hold out for long. Verdict so far is that I love it, because by and large the creative team and I are on very much the same wavelength about the important things.

Dad and I had an excellent time, with tapas on Friday, a 9 mile walk on Saturday (thanks to [personal profile] white_hart whose walking posts provide an excellent source of suggestions), and the RSPB reserve at Otmoor on the Sunday. Wildlife highlights included swifts, swallows, an egret, a deer, and lots of birdsong on Saturday. Sunday failed to produce basking lizards, alas, but did come up with marsh harriers (female and male pair), kestrel, sedge warbler, cuckoo (song), and – definitely the highlight – a bittern in flight.

Also, after Mysterious Foot Pain for a couple of months that peaked last weekend and made me worry for my walking holiday, let alone walking this weekend, I found the solution in ridiculously expensive socks that were £30 from Boots and worth every penny. So this is a 5 start review for the Orthosleeve FS6 compression foot sleeve. I have never known such remorseless elastic. On Sunday I was hobbling, on Saturday I did a 9 mile walk, such is the testimonial.

For the visit of Donald Trump, I can only refer to this student living beneath the Heathrow flight path and mowing a message.

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