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25 June 2019 @ 07:12 am
Something* seems to be reminding me lately that I am the past owner of a couple of black silk shirts, ones of which - a rather nice sandwashed number - I had completely forgotten, but which when I asked my mother if I had owned such a thing, because I had forgotten so much I wanted to check, she instantly replied that of course I had. This absence from my wardrobe clearly needs to be remedied for the autumn.

Something that I will definitely not be buying this autumn is Boden's 'Olivia' skirt, which looks like this:

Boden Olivia skirt, navy with union jacks embroidery on it.

Boden in recent years has had a number of jumpers with Union Jacks on, ditto dresses, and spoiled tweed jackets' with 'London' linings covered with black cabs, flags etc. In the present climate it feels off-putting to say the least; there is no doubt a customer who would consider wearing that skirt in autumn 2019, but I am definitely not them. Add it to their non-hilarious 'the EU has banned us selling stripey Breton tops' 2019 April Fools email, and one definitely gets a sense that Jonnie Boden is not targeting my custom.

*By which I mean Good Omens.

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