September 3rd, 2019


We live in a what the hell world

To think that I should live to see the day that I should be grateful for that repulsive human being Nicholas Soames - NICHOLAS SOAMES!!!!! - choosing to do the decent thing.

British politics at the moment is beyond surreal. Not least that we are pausing Brexit for 10 minutes to listen to a speech about trees.

I would like to make a detailed analysis of what is going on at the moment, but honestly I cannot. I am beyond furious. Brexit is no longer the primary matter confronting parliament - the antidemocratic Prime Minister's willingness to abuse the constitution is. Sturgeon called him "no better than a tin-pot dictator" and she's right. He is fundamentally mendacious, arrogant, boorish, a man who has lied and lied throughout his career, with no plans but self-interest and self-aggrandisement. He uses language of incitement, talking about MPs as "collaborators", about "surrendering" to the EU, in a context in which an MP was murdered by a political extremist. He calls Jeremy Corbyn and parties and MPs opposed to no deal a "junta" when he has himself outraged the constitution.

One hope is that it turns out that Johnson's also not very good at PMQs. He debates as if he were in an Eton common room egged on by his palls, needing adulation as an audience for his bluster and bullshit. No wonder he avoided the leadership TV debate. He resorts to threats that only further alienate those he depends upon for his now vanished majority, he flounders in the face of people not going along with his script. He is, as I have said, fundamentally dishonest, but even in his fantasy scenario of the EU wavering on the backstop he can't guarantee that even his hardline Brexiteer colleagues would vote for it. Though since he has brought forward zero ideas to the EU whilst lying that he is getting closer to a deal it seems he is unlikely to achieve one. His assurance that he wouldn't change a general election date isn't worth the unicorn shit it's written on.

Boris Johnson's career is an indictment of the fundamental institutions of the British establishment. I think I'll leave it at that.

ETA: If Jacob Rees Mogg was attempting to persuade the Tory rebels that they should vote with the government, that was a masterclass in how not to do it. And Corbyn, Blackford and Swinson are resisting the election lure. Let Johnson stew publicly in his own fuck up for a while yet.

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