September 15th, 2019


Procrastination/penicillin (it must be said, not an exciting post)

I was not in fact procrastinating when I went out at 9:45am to clean the car windscreen. I was in fact forcing myself not to procrastinate by doing an essential job I had vowed to do today, and which seemed nicer to my neighbours than hoovering at that time on a Sunday. I would hoover next.

It wasn't my fault that the amazing netted sponge thing* worked so well that it actually made me want to wash the rest of the car (also much needed, I usually rely on the rain) and that reminded me that there were some paint chips I needed to deal with, and so I did that, and lets just say that I didn't get round to the hoovering until much later. But I did eventually do some writing mid-afternoon, so that's worth something.

What I rather wish I had got round to sooner though I didn't procrastinate on it at all is a course of antibiotics for the sinus infection that it turns out I have had since at least mid-August. 12 hours was all it took from the first tablet in the evening for me to wake without a headache for the first time in three weeks, and that despite the fact I had picked up a new cold. Aargh! Must remember next time...

*£1 from Halfolds. Seriously the best £1 I've spent in a while. I am feeling very middle-aged just now.

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