October 13th, 2019


Dear internet, ARE YOU COMPLETELY MAD???????

OK, I admit, I can see how, if you got it absolutely right, then shortening lined curtains from the top by moving the header tape would be an efficient way to go about it. And if I were shortening these curtains to hang e.g. 5 inches below a window sill, but if it were 4 or 6 inches it wouldn't really matter, then I would do it.

But I am shortening them to hang* about 1cm above the carpet: there is no room for forgiveness. So I shall do it the safe albeit annoying way that lets me stop half-way, measure to ensure that it is absolutely right, and correct if necessary.

I shall not be doing the hemming by hand, though. The window plus door the track goes over is 3.5m wide...

*The internet also tells me that these days ones over-long curtains should drape upon on the carpet. Rubbish, that is just interior designers who can't be bothered to fit things properly.

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