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I have a telephone line. I have broadband (once I have set it up). I have a table coming on Saturday. I have done some ironing for the first time in a month (that I have not quite run out of work clothes in three and a half weeks suggests that I possibly also have too many clothes). AND despite the boxes everywhere and no table I have sat down and written four hundred words of WIP, though why on earth I am expending time suddenly giving a minor OC a personality rather than cutting straight to "The English Schoolgirl's Fantasy Valet Lover" I really cannot say. Anyone would think it was art.

Here follows a trailer for The Healing Fountain, 12 rating, contains moderate silliness:

"The Healing Fountain had taken a change of direction. The mother had gone to America and Hilary, having limited knowledge of that country, had sensibly sent her heroine to school. School, even a girls’ school of the duller type, was a familiar world to Wimsey, and Sarah’s success on account of an extensive albeit theoretical knowledge about sex entirely plausible. He paused briefly to admire the new girl’s attitude to team sports and the wisdom of reading the rules of hockey in advance. The summer holidays brought the return of the Mediterranean round, and of Mr Harland, now firmly established as the man, unless his lordship were very much mistaken, to induct the heroine into the pains and passions of physical love, if not without some hiccoughs along the way."
Tags: fandom, real life, wimseyfic
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