nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

I appreciate that other people's domestic interiors are not the most exciting topic of conversation.

That said, this weekend I have set up the mobile broadband, bought a new lampshade so I can swap the merely dull bedroom lampshade for the actively offensive wicker one over the stairs, taken delivery of a table and chairs, an electric fire, and two chairs that shouldn't be sat on due to age and infirmity. Naturally, I promptly forgot this and sat on one of them. I also located the television aerial in the loft, but need to acquire the right sort of cable to connect to it - it is a truth universally acknowledged that a box of electric cables will never contain one with the right connectors on both ends.

On a more cultural note, last night I saw the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain in company with white_hart. If there is anyone left on the internet who hasn't seen their inimitable rendition of Wuthering Heights, go to it. Ah! How it takes me back to Friday nights in Goodricke bar.
Tags: real life
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