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Round up

My sister and I have tickets to Much Ado About Nothing with David Tennant and Catherine Tate. Crucially we have tickets for £21 on a convenient evening right at the end of the previews. I am happy to see it and hope it will be good, but the theatre is brutally expensive and there was no way I was paying upwards of £60 so was lucky to find a couple of tolerable seats in the balcony. Sister will just have to cut her legs off for the evening.

The problem with this dress is definitely the collar. I just can’t get away with seventies foxgloves right under my chin. If I am ever going to wear it – and it took a long time to make – I think I need to completely alter the neck. Blast.

I have been reading The Sheikh for 'research'. It’s the sort of book that is easy to laugh at, and oh, I do, but it also has considerable points of interest and one day I shall get around to doing a post on it and Riders of the Purple Sage together. Today, however, I shall just quote what has to be my favourite line, which sounds like a romance novel written by Baldrick:

She was utterly in his power and at his mercy - the mercy of an Arab who was merciless.

My sister and brother-in-law are not coming for Easter, which is disappointing but understandable because they’re mostly not coming due to his slow recovery from spinal surgery. But it does mean that I have to come up with a schedule for the four day weekend that leads to my having achieved something at the end of it, not least the final sorting out of the house. There is a Come and Sing on Good Friday, but I don't know the music at all (Stainer's "The Crucifixion") - happily there is a link to YouTube so I'll give it a listen and see if it sounds plausible given that I haven't sung properly in ages.

How is it Easter next week anyway? There was so much we were going to get done at work over the vacation and now there is only a week of it yet and it isn’t done and we’re all shattered. If I were Vice-Chancellor I would completely close the university for two days immediately after every term and give everyone a break (that did not come out of their leave entitlement) and make it very clear that this meant no working from home, and no emails.
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