nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Fragmentary bit of Wimseyfic

Imagining Saint-George's correspondence with his uncle in Rome in Gaudy Night, after the cheques have been paid.


Easter, 1935

Dear Uncle Peter,

Thanks, the shoulder’s much better, hence the improved scribble. It’s a good thing because the APs have carted me back to Denver for the vac, far from kindly amanuenses. It should be all right for Trinity term, but I shan’t be doing much riding in the meantime - or much of anything at all. There’s nothing for it but to bury myself in virtuous toil and slog. Might even get a First in Collections if I put my head down, and wouldn’t that shock the censor? Thanks for your latest - not much more to say about the money than "gratitude etcetera", but it's done and meant.

Miss Vane took pity and called in at the hospital again before I was dragged off, though she wouldn’t meet the family. She’s really been awfully decent and generally forgiving of all my clangers (sorry about those, but Ma does talk and one gets carried away). I can’t think why you’re wasting your time in Italy – better come back to Oxford and get the job done, or you’ll find yourself cut out one of these days. Kelverton went to a thing she was at and said the chaps seemed pretty keen. That’s if the Shrewsbury Ghost doesn’t get her first, of course. I’ve been making light of it as just a rag, because she said it mustn’t get round, but I don’t mind saying it sounds a bit grim and not quite the thing for a girl to be looking into, even if she is fearfully bright. I suppose a bloke wouldn’t be very practical in a ladies’ coll.

How’s the Eternal City? The Dean has heard you are there, and took it upon himself when visiting the sick to educate yours truly in the Great Masters stuck up around the place, even going so far as to threaten slides. I said you were there to serve your country, not gallivant through galleries – don’t think it went down very well, but no more was said about slides.

Salaams to Bunter, and tell him that he was quite right at Christmas about my cuffs and I have seen to it.

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