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For people undecided how to vote on AV, I recommend this paper produced by the non-partisan Political Studies Association, the UK’s leading academic association for political studies. It is by the far the best explanation of the system, its pros, and its cons, that I have come across. Or as it puts it:

We face a very important choice in the referendum on our electoral system on 5th May. But many of the claims being made by both sides are either false or exaggerated. We need a debate that is grounded in solid evidence. This paper provides that grounding.

I think it is worth a read however you intend to vote, and particularly if you are not sure, not because it will sway you to one side or the other, but because it explains things sensibly without being patronising or shrieking, and enhances the informed side of informed choice.

Disclaimer: I come from a perspective of “mild pro-” for AV – that is, I am not strongly pro-AV as a system (indeed I have some serious doubts about it to the extent that I have considered voting against), but will vote for it as a possible step/signal of desire for electoral reform. It is, if I may agree with Nick for a moment*, a "miserable little compromise". I can’t stand, however, the claims for AV that have been made by the Yes campaign, particularly the way its supporters have conducted it on the internet and in the press, where their “if you have any concern whatsoever with AV it is only because you are uninformed, so I will educate you” stance could give elements of fandom a run for its money on the “you disagree with me so you are wrong, you will not be wrong once you have heard me” front.

*Excuse me as I go for a Dettol shower.
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