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Antonia Forest musings

I acquired Antonia Forest's End of Term from Ebay last week. It's possibly my favourite of the school books, even if the play, which has admirably avoided the dead hand of Chalet School reverance up to the moment of performance does occasionally fall perilously close in the blow by blow account. though it might be my favourite because I've read it more than the two later school books.

Anyway, it caused me to wonder whether Patrick ever meets Miranda, or we are otherwise given her thoughts on the subject. I don't particularly like Miranda, but I don't particularly like any of the characters and on my sliding scale of loathsomeness, Patrick is the one at the bottom having his head chewed by Judas (or whoever it is - it's a long time since I read the Inferno). So I'd rather like to see his head bitten off and spat out by Miranda.

No hope, I suppose, that anyone's done Patrick-at-Confession fanfic is there? I have this vision of his using very long words for very ordinary sins, except at the school he doesn't like because they are too modern, where he'd insist on being single-syllable and as crude as he reckoned he could get away with. No, I really don't like Patrick.
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