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Eats, shoots, and enjoys the Bohemian coastline

Lovely weekend with youngest sister. Review of Much Ado will follow.

In the meantime, a snippet of conversation from the train home afterwards:

Youngest Sister: Do you know Troilus and Cressida.

Nineveh_uk: Er, I’ve read it, but it was ages ago. Why?

Youngest Sister: I was wondering about the pandas.

Nineveh_uk: Pandas?

Youngest Sister: Yes – when Benedick talks about Troilus and the pandas.

Nineveh_uk: Just to be clear, when you say “pandas”, you are talking about pandas? The Chinese bear that eats bamboo?

Youngest Sister: Yes.

Nineveh_uk: OK... [Summarises briefly Troilus and Cressida, Pandarus, panders, and the lack of pandas in Shakespeare.]

Youngest Sister asks me to point out in her defence that her stream of consciousness went from “He said pandas? Well, there’s ‘Exit pursued by a bear’, and references to animals and myths in Shakespeare. Maybe there was a legend about pandas.”

Ed. for reference, the line in question is "Troilus, the first employer of panders."
Tags: real life, theatre
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