nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

BBC1: Case Histories

Nice as it is to see a mainstream drama giving us a bit of thinking woman's crumpet in the form of Jason Isaacs, WTF plot?

Am I seriously supposed to believe that a young child goes missing, is buried in a shallow grave by her sister in the next door neighbour's garden, and the police search is so inadequate they don't notice the suspiciously child-grave-shaped patch of newly disturbed earth the next day?

Tell me that is only the TV being sloppy*, because I have never read Kate Atkinson and have heard good things about her, but if that's a sample of the plotting, I really do not care to make the effort. Also, I see that the original is set in Cambridge, and frankly I'd much rather read a book about a Yorkshire detective set in Edinburgh than a book about a Cambridge detective set in Cambridge. Possibly this is not fair and simply the after-effects of a violent reaction to Imogen Quy.

*And if it is I shall be writing and complaining about their insult to my intelligence and to Atkinson.
Tags: television
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