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Vorkosigan drabble (100 words)

I’ve been starting to looking around at Vorkosigan fanfic on AO3*, which I have been enjoying greatly, but occasionally it strikes me that there may be some over-optimism about the pace of change on Barrayar. And then I was reminded of a line from The Leopard, and another from the end of Diplomatic Immunity**.

If things are to stay the same, everything must change.

There were two replicators on the table, that itself so different from Beta Colony: Aral Alexander and Helen Natalia at the limit of their incubation. A familiar snap at the lifting of the latches, the sweep and slap of the obstetrician busy with his vibra-knife over her firstborn grandchild. Who was a boy. She had known it was always this way, of course, that the reproductive technology all but guaranteed it, but to see it here in her own home, unthought-of, unconsidered, natural. No Counts' daughters would be inheriting any time soon.

Countess Vorkosigan gripped her skirts at her sides.

*Two one-shot recs, completely different: Equality, and a crossover, Where Some Klingons Have Gone Before

**Which if you haven’t seen, is very long and utterly wonderful. I must actually read the book before I go on holiday in September.
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