nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Back at work, my day was considerably cheered today by a snippet of Wimsey/Potterverse fic from [profile] custardpringle’s ginormous crossover WIP, featuring Saint-George taking his sister to Diagonalley prior to her starting Hogwarts. I feel rather sorry for Winifred, dismissed by Sayers via Peter in two sentences as having “no vitality” (I’ve said elsewhere that since she’s around 17 I wonder whether what this actually means is “no sex-appeal”) and being one of the children her mother “disciplines” and in a letter to the Times as having a receding chin. Given this uninspiring beginning it's not really surprising that with a couple of notable exceptions she doesn’t turn up much in fanfic, either, so it’s nice to see her popping up here.
Tags: fic rec
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