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Writer's Block: Subtitles please

What is your favorite foreign film? Do you think there should be an American remake?

I see English-language LJ is showing its nationality again.

My favourite foreign (that is, non-British) film – and probably my favourite film, certainly in terms of the number of times I’ve seen it, – is “Babette’s Feast”. No, no American remake, thanks. I cannot possibly imagine it working, notwithstanding that the original story was first published in the Ladies’ Home Journal. It seems to me that the community’s isolation in the story is an essentially northern European isolation – a shift to a Norwegian community somewhere in the Midwest wouldn’t cut it.

However if an English-language setting were required, I think a British re-make set in the Hebrides could work very well. The Wee Frees and Inner Mission aren’t exactly the same, but they are certainly close enough in the "Down with this sort of thing!" stereotype for the translation to work. France would still be France, the Swedish general could easily be an English general, and a lottery inherently scandalous.
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