nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Fics I want to read, but my life is too short to write

It’s not that I haven’t got the ideas, but meanwhile there is a student attending a lecture on Dementors in Wittenberg who has been trying to get out of the door before he is sick for far too long.

So, without in anyway saying "Write it, write it, write it" to other people, this is what I have decided my life is too short to write and wish someone else would do instead:

(1) I want to know about the Vor maidens who are paraded past Gregor, but fail to do the job. Imagine it: excited and expectant parents, girls being shown as a favour to their fathers, would-be fiancés wondering what is going to happen, and of course the women themselves. We see it from the POV of Alys and Gregor, but not from the meat in the meat-market.

(2) I am incapable of reading the words “Lord Vorhovis” without thinking of his counterpart, “Lord Vorburton”. Fields of wheat (Wheat! Wheat! Fields of wheat!) on the Southern Continent.
Tags: vorkosigan fic
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