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Lesson of the day: if you plan to do one thing after another, then when each overruns the total overrun will be longer than you had planned for, because you were considering the whole trip as one thing when really it was four things. Oh well. Fortunately all the parking was free, and I now have hedge shears that work and walking sock liners.

What has happened to sweatshirts? I need a shove-in-bag-for-when-it-is-cold sweatshirt for upcoming walking holidays. Could I find one? There were loads of hoodies, which are no good for the purpose because they are awful under waterproofs. There were loads of fleeces, which weren't what I wanted because I am only able to see them as outdoors garments and I want something I feel non-stupid in indoors. I eventually found something fairly plain at Lands End. We shall see.

I am going skiing! In a fit of tremendous organisation, Youngest Sister and I identified the sole week we can both go, found somewhere we liked, and have booked a week in Vemdalen in Sweden. It is fairly small, but big enough for a total beginner and what swimming lessons used to call "improvers". It also seems not to be either a Swedish or British school holiday, hurrah!

Better get up and use the hedge shears to attack the pyracantha, which is attempting to draw blood on my way to the dustbins. My house is being inspected by the agency on Thursday, so everything needs to be ship-shape, so today will be listening to the cricket and doing housework.
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