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Bujold query

Is it stated anywhere in Vorkosigan canon that Prince Xav Vorbarra’s nameless Betan wife is dead? In Shards of Honor Aral replies to Cordelia’s question as to whether he knew her well by stating that he stayed in the Prince’s house in school holidays post-Yuri’s Massacre, and also that she never “adjusted completely to [Barrayaran] society” (quelle surprise), but he doesn’t really answer the question. If Aral’s c. 45 at the time, then assuming previous generations of 30 years as a Betan she is unlikely to have died of old age, indeed she could still be going strong at the time of Cryoburn. Maybe she saw sense and buggered off back home.

Come to that, there’s no reason that Prince Xav’s Betan mother-in-law shouldn’t be alive at the time of Shards. I have a vision of her turning up on Elizabeth Naismith’s doorstep to offer fellow-feeling and support on the subject of what to do when your besotted daughter runs off with a man from a barbarian planet.
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