nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Today I did not buy: machine-washable black work trousers, silk blouse,

Today I did buy: new webbing for gaiter straps, new black lace-ups, food shop, rubber ferrules for ski poles for use on tarmac, and four pairs of boots/shoes re-heeled. I have to wonder why I was out so long. The supermarket involved the usual "I only bought a few things, why is the bill so much?", the answer in this case being whisky. I don't drink a lot of whisky, but it was very annoying last night to collapse on the sofa whining about freshers flu come early and discover that just when I really fancied a whisky I hadn't got any. That is now remedied, and tonight I shall collapse on the sofa with whisky and the blond Swedish Wallander. I want a new sofa; mine is insufficiently squishy and too short, though this is hardly surprising as it was £89 from Ikea. There are peaches in Marsala in the oven. At some point I should start to think about a main course.
Tags: real life
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